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  1. Other digital dots colors: Yellow Green Red Cyan Pink Purple
  2. Amazing and relaxing screensaver with shuffling purple blobs Use this backgrougd for your monitor or TV Bubble Bokeh | Changing color Bubble Bokeh | Colorful Bubble Bokeh | Beige Bubble Bokeh | Red Bubble Bokeh | Dark Purple and Blue Bubble Bokeh | Purple https://youtu.be/9GQTVyrf_NE
  3. Hyperx RGB Screensaver in UHD (8K and 4K) Colorfull background
  4. I only got this time-lapse on my third try. The first time there was a strong wind and the shooting had to be postponed, the second time it started to rain a little and again we had to postpone the creation of the time-lapse. It took about 5500 photos to create this video. In total, about 20,000 photos were taken. A DJI Ronin SC2 stabilizer and a Panasonic Lumix G90 camera were used to capture the time-lapse. White noise of night city made by Tascam Place: Kyiv, Ukraine
  5. Download Matrix sreensaver for Windows If you want to say thanks for screensaver just LIKE or subscribe to that video Thank you! Matrix background. Amazing binary code from Matrix movie. Falling random green letters in the space. 12 Horas Matrix 12 Hours Matrix 12 Часов Матрица Matrix Screensaver | Letters Rain - Longest 4K video on Youtube P.S. Matrix 4 Movie is coming, with Neo (Keanu Reeves)
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